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released January 21, 2014




SIAFU Cumming, Georgia

Agents of cum.

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Track Name: Anticlimax
cunt-faced anal divinity aseat a rotting throne,
next to it on either side two champions of next sex,
writhing in pain upon the alter the specimen chokes and moans,
cheif of cum stands above his cock to hast a hex,

negative pleasure,
sexual suffering,
evil makes me hard,

vaginal vision,
a gazing gash,
sentinal of stars,

dumpers watch and are amazed as the ritual transgresses,
picking at their scabs and making private messes,
asexual saturation builds towards non orgasm,
paranoid anticums with disturbing fits and spasms,
Track Name: Flesh Drive
purchase new device to help me blow a load,
new sexual technology to encode,
a list of endless digits in the memory card,
to unleash my cum storm with no holds barred,

once the process in finished i plug it in,
the devices A.I. realizes how long its been,
it assists me in the jerking process ,
finishes me off and cleans up my white seed mess,

penetrate the processor and personalize the preferences,
analyze the data when you cum into the orifices,
save it, and upload your cum, it'll take a while,
now anyone from anywhere can download the file,

turn the tension tighter and maximize the moisture,
make the soft synthetic flesh as creamy as an oyster,
hard-on for my hardware its my digital whore,
slide my drill-bit so damn far I touch the motherboard,
Track Name: Imaginary Friends With Benefits
pink and tight but and sloppy wet the skin between her thighs
I see her moist lips dripping every time I close my eyes,
slide my cock inside of her and love the way it feels
the clammy texture of my palm reminds me she's not real,

pretended sexual partner accompanies me to bed,
pounding off I hear her moan with pleasure in my head,
imagining her cunt enclosed my cock I cant resist,
ejaculate inside of her but she does not exist,

conceptualize our fornication all in my imagination,
visualize her perfect prize my cum requires concentration,
suspend my disbelief it will get myself excited,
my visions are so vivid that she haunts my uninvited,

masturbate and make believe that I am getting laid,
only after cumming my hallucinations fade,
fucking her my mental maiden in every position,
my perversions have been satiated by an apparition,
Track Name: Invisibility Condom
A sneaky sleeve to slip my cock,
shrouding it from sight,
covert contraception,
masks my manhood in the night,
equip my invisibility condom,
and my penis is erased,
creep in undetected,
and I'm out without a trace,

subtle, stealth fuck,
never even ever know I'm there,
chameleon cockskin cant be seen,
from the invisible condom that I where,
make no sound and spill no seed,
the sexual advantage of surprise,
shaft concealed and not revealed,
vanishing right before your eyes,