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released March 21, 2014




SIAFU Cumming, Georgia

Agents of cum.

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Track Name: Jenkem Regime
authourity of shit rises to the throne
peasants beg for mercy but none is shown
fermented feces face of a terrifying demon
sends out an army of poo across the entire reigon

no one is sober, no one is safe
in the shit kingdom no one can escape
the rule of a brown iron fist
the most powerful government to ever exsist

the king is always high of the real good stuff
sometimes not the most pure but he'll give it a huff
trying out different formulas to get high with poo
or what ever his minions decided to brew
Track Name: Old Geezer Gasm Fest
fucking for days
thousands of years
millions of people
day and night
now they're all
old and fucked
butt-fucking one another
til' the end of time

old geezer gasm fest

taking pills to fuck forever
potent drugs, endless boners
gaping holes and putrid fluids
orgy of eternity

Track Name: Dick Billed Duck Fucker
bill of a duck used as a toy
a phallic diversion, a penis decoy
to fuck and stick in the depths of the hollow
deeds of debauchery soon did follow

horny play time for the flat billed duck
who knew this quaint creature would make a good fuck
hours and hours of freaky dick billed play
feathers upon feathers start to fray

anomaly of sexual gratification
water proof aquatic bird copulation
curiosity leads to experimentation
which fucks up their genetic map for generations

seeds germinate and create an intercourse freak
with a bill for a dick and a cock for a beak
gagging on semen that comes from all the wrong places
a fucked up deformity that left the sad freak faceless
Track Name: Toe Jam Genesis
in between the hairy tops of toes un clipped and un cut
there lies jellies and jam abundant about to erupt
different shades of reds yellows and greens
release a smelly stank that is infinitely obscene

factory of terrible sock fume fermentation
slow sticky and smelly is the process of cultivation
white cheese of unknown origin soaked in pungent smell
encased in inches of a dried dead skin shell

aged ten years between wretched folds of fat
on the feet of a man who minds barely intact
infact he uses this cheese as a source of nutrition
a daily supplement of much needed for his condition

deficient in many vitamins necessary for a healthy lifestyle
diabetic, bulimic, malnourished and infertile
in desperate need of medication to solve his sickness
to his toe jam he became severely dependent and addicted