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Track Name: Cloaca
handy little hole with so many uses
expel and dispose of my nasty juices
one opening for all thats inside
so brace your self for my toilet tide

coated and covered in my bathroom mix
bask in wonder at my most relished trick
my cloaca is in place of what used to be there
in case you need a dick and balls ive got a spare

clo- aca!
Track Name: Enter the Wash
used, washed up and strung out nothing left to give
once the high is gone there is no point to live
sifting trough trash and dirt for a small little bit of smoke
althere is to do in this world when your fucking broke

utilized, victimized dried and shriveled up
malnurished piece of shit rid of thought
empty, exauhsted barely alive
delusional, high and distrought

brain dead half tard sits up and attemps to speak
drooling slack jaw mouth starts to dribble and leak
crazed murmurs find there way out of its voice hole
wasted, useless brain, no way to control

forgotten shell of a person that once was
ruined its self in search for that perfect buzz
almost no life left in this retched skin sack
a desire to live is something it did lack
Track Name: LSD Cum Wraith
drenched in seed and tripping balls
20 tabs deep, it can phase thru walls
ghost like state induced by lsdee
aiding in on a cum jerking spree

this ghost will impregnate you
with its ectoplasm semen glue
jizz sock dick up inside
haunted pussy walls open wide

layer of seed about one inch thick
ghastly cream flows out of dick
nothing there so you cant fight back
when it emptys the contents of its ghost sack

specter of semen
high as can be
rid of all reason
cum unto thee
apparition of sperm
haunting your shaft
you sob and squirm
as he performs his craft

lsd cum wraith
Track Name: Cat Piss and Bacon
stumbling up the stairs with hash on his mind
clouds of past farts make it hard to fine
old bacon grease creates a distinct smell
cat piss and shit and no else can tell

dilapidated domicile contaminated and eerie
cobwebs and clutter enshroud abstract theory

hoards of hoarded malnourished unwanted animals
collected for obscure intentions intangible
seduce and subdue his unwilling guests
no way to get out of this forgotten mess
Track Name: Clear Shot Cum Coat
Approached by a stranger with an odd disposition
a psychopathic freak with a simple proposition

he says to
give him what you got or he'll cum on you
he coat with his semen from your head to your shoe
you wont be visible when he is done
his dick is equal to a loaded hand gun

your lungs fill up and you cant breath
esophagus clogged up with rank seed
your body shuts down one organ at a time
as you asphyxiate on some nasty semen grime

serial jizzer approaches next victim
"hey gimme all your money or stick ya"
she says " no way" and pulls out a knife
he tries to close in and she ends his dicks life

the dick bleeds out right there in the street
and give the sewer rats something to eat
he will not live to cum another day
his cumming legacy fades away
Track Name: My Cum Portal
when i need to blow a seed
i just push a button when in need, that connects to
a little black box with a hole in the top
that takes care of the mess right down to the last drop

it is my prize possession
a definite obsession
i take it with me every where i go
just in case i need to blow a load

my cum portal
magic cum box
inside, an infinite plane
where the cum doest stop
Track Name: Digital Pimple
ethernet acne of epic proportions
demented messages of ominous contortions

digital pimple

shit coats the motherboard
where all the datas stored
pulsating pc pus
pulsing til the pimple busts
hard drive hard on
hard on till the hard drive's gone

digital pimple