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Track Name: Clit Scanner
scanning the surface for pink little nubs of pleasure
locating scarce hidden pink treasures
looking under hoods of precious cyber flesh
amongst mother board grids and ethernet mesh

binary visions show a new breed of the center intelligance clit
through thousands of portals and thousands of programmed slits
cancerous to the information that it contains
it slowly destroys the internal clitoris data planes
Track Name: Cock Conductor
Jerking back & forth to the sound of the beat
Fingers pluck my ball hairs, mallets strike my meat
The tuners on the tip fasten the string
Tune it up and jerk it off, strum the strings and let it ring

Phallic orchestra
Horny instrument

Place the quarter inch cable into my asshole
Turn the mole by my left nut in to volume control
My dick is the instrument that I play
Turn it on and plug it in and waste the day away

Phallic orchestra
Horny instrument

Mechanisms blend with semen, they don’t really mix
The semen is there for so long it rusts and corrodes dick
My penis is rotten practically falling off
But it still works so I definitely wont stop
Track Name: Shitting floor cave
stalagmites of fecal matter tower to the ceiling
pooping bats of shits long shat frantically squealing
camouflaged orifices adorn obscured floors
excreting pounds of shit rotten to the core

slug like organisms attempt to clear the passage ways
consuming nearly 23 metric tones of shit a day
massive spiders bearing matted feces hair
wait for oblivious prey that they can ensnare

shitting floor cave
poo stench engraved
into the cracks and crevices of this domain

select few human scientists see an opportunity
all the poop and methane gas could benefit the community
they set off on a quest to discover and determine
if there is some value in mass amounts of shit and urine

they crack the seal of dried shit and venture deep in side
the decision is made for the team to divide
they loose track of where they are and flash lights start to fade
no idea where they are they slip down a steep grade

past shit holes in the walls that lubricate the slope
stool get in their eyes ears nose and mouth they start to choke
the inhabitants of the cave close in on the feed
the scientists put to death by their own greed
Track Name: Soda Pussy
crack the can of cunt open and cum inside
lube my dick with candy slime and brace for the slide
artificial fruit smell wafts up from my tip
my coated erection inflates as i take a sip

carbonated cunt gets fizzier with each lick
a tingly sensation for my sweet tooth dick
high fructose corn syrup moistens sugar hole
makes for easy entry of thirsty pole

sharp edges of the can slices my stiff cock
aluminum blade cuts deep bleeding cant stop
blood mixes with soda which coaxes out the cum
soda pop rubbed into the wound dick goes numb
feel the bubbles sting

embrace the joy it brings
dick almost severed attach only by a string

of flesh that used to be my source of joy
it all got ended by my soda pussy toy
Track Name: The Perfect Pervert
lurking in the dark all night just to get a peep
succumbing to his obsession he barley even sleeps
just to get that perfect view of bare naked bodies
perfecting his skills of perversion its his hobby

invisible to the naked eye he is a professional
slipping in thru cracks and holes he is undetectable
unsuspecting victims think there all alone
little do they know the perfect pervert is in their home

looking up shirts looking up skirts
perving is his hobby he is an expert
manipulating sleeping supple tits butts and dicks
trying not to wake his victims with camera clicks
Track Name: Portal Potty
deminsional experiment,
scientists obsessed with shit,
construction of a fecal rift,
to visit lands of excrement,
Track Name: Flesh Drive
purchase new device to help me blow a load,
new sexual technology to encode,
a list of endless digits in the memory card,
to unleash my cum storm with no holds barred,

once the process in finished i plug it in,
the devices A.I. realizes how long its been,
it assists me in the jerking process ,
finishes me off and cleans up my white seed mess,

penetrate the processor and personalize the preferences,
analyze the data when you cum into the orifices,
save it, and upload your cum, it'll take a while,
now anyone from anywhere can download the file,

turn the tension tighter and maximize the moisture,
make the soft synthetic flesh as creamy as an oyster,
hard-on for my hardware its my digital whore,
slide my drill-bit so damn far I touch the motherboard,