SIAFU Cumming, Georgia

Agents of cum.

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the porcelain tiles are my home
cold clammy landscapes are where i like to roam
shit in the toilet is a sight to see
accompanied by some foamy yellow warm pee

flush the toilet with all your worries
rid the toilet of red shit like curries
masturbating to the mirror image of my self
cumming and farting while i belch
Track Name: SIAFU / Chillfix

waiting by the phone eager for a call
glazed dopesick eyes stare blankly at the wall
palms start to sweat i can no longer wait
to start the new day and socially masturbate
beating around the bush is redefined when all you do is
chill and chill on the daily chill grind
nothing to say but we do it anyway
all day every day we chill in every way

he needs his chill fix

the days almost gone and no one was there to chill
so he squatted in the corner and became very still
rock bottom reach dope sickness starts
only way to cope is to mutilate private parts
gray cum yellow piss clear spit crimson blood
forms into a puddle and then into a flood
his chill fix brought him to an end but
he has two last words before his body transcends WANA CHILL
Track Name: SIAFU / 6AM Shitfest
sun is rising while the shit seeps out
early morning shit antics are what im all about
shit on top of shit in useless clogged toilet bowl
horny,high off shit by 6am was my goal

sleepless delusions of shit grandeur and taste
unshapely brown sphincter pinched off butt-hole paste

the bags under my eyes show my dedication
to early morning shit fetish fortification
Track Name: SIAFU / Brown Star Stage fright
the curtain is pulled up the show must begin
butthole primped and proper angelic asshole skin
anxiety starts to grow as my butthole is shown
i hope the panel of judges see my brownstar has grown

scared of the light on my puckered smelly star
my private havent exposed this long so far
the judges look confused, im starting to get scared
they nod in agreement and announced my ass is unprepared

brown star stage fright
puckered winker shut tight
brown star stage fright
wrinkled pincher in the light