Fingered in the Shadows


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released January 26, 2013




SIAFU Cumming, Georgia

Agents of cum.

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Track Name: 2x4play
pounding planks and sexual splinters,
wood on wood my dry dick enters,
grinding hard against the grains,
so much pleasure so much pain
Track Name: 40-Hand Fistfuck
prowling in the streets at the dead of night a pretty girl I do observe,
slip out the back door of the liquor store holding two forties of steel reserve,
duct tape them both to my hands put the liquor through my lips,
ask that bitch if she wants to fist that 40-hand bliss that she can't resist,

40-hand fistfuck (x4)

one in the pooper one in the twat,
keep reaching til I hit that special spot,
piss and cum flow through my dick,
drinking liquor blood cum puke piss and shit,
Track Name: Botox Bitch Bash
I'm ugly and I'm old,
I'll fix your face stitch by stitch,
plastic mask for the rich,
everyone knows you're an ugly bitch,

I'm ugly and I'm old,
look like a creature from the crypts,
patchwork face and puffy lips,
grimy oblong melon tits,
Track Name: Businessmen Breakdown
getting high,
suit and tie,
enjoying my visit the weed is exquisite,
party hard,
credit card,
this event is serine the booze is pristine,

chillin' at this party is tight as fuck,
everything here costs a million bucks,
Track Name: Corndick Cockshucker
lost in a corn maze can't find the exit,
taken by a twisted fuck and he has a corndick,
dragged to a shack at the center of the fields,
he pulls down his pants - corndick revealed

corndick cockshucker,
penis peeling motherfucker,
flays the flesh from my dick,

cock of corn on the cob,
he has torn the skin off,
of my prick,


dumb willing teens are my victoms,
butter up my dick before I stick them,
kernals penetrate deep within,
you're bleeding from your cock 'cause it has no skin,
Track Name: Fart Fucking Freak
no one loves to fuck a fart as much as me,
watch me as I fuck a fart with smiling glee,
passing gas out my ass listen to my smelly sqeeks,
poison death anal breath flapping from between my cheeks,
Track Name: Fucked Then Flushed
bord and horny at my house alone,
must answer to my thirsty dick,
need to find a way to blow my load,
gonna put my pecker in a fish,

slimy fish squirming in my hands,
fit my dick in his briny bum,
grimy guts stimulate my glans,
gasps for breath as I fucking cum,

another little fishy fucked then flushed,
slimy scales cold to the touch,
fucking a fishy up the butt,
cum into its salty guts,
grab another fishy and bust a nut,
another little fishy fucked then flushed,
Track Name: Hash Hoes
hash brick shaped into a hole,
spell cast to give her a soul,
stanky hoes come alive,
so much pleasure to derive,

hash hoes sucking dick
hash hoes you piece of shit,

THC concentrate,
used to copulate,
fucking enchanted hash,
gives you infected rash,

hash dolls made to pleasure you,
blow you suck you fuck you too,

kief covered cunt girls,
beautiful orgasm pearls
Track Name: Junkie Fuckwad
junkie fuckwad,
drops some acid,
junkie fuckwad,
Snorts some coke
Junkie Fuckwad
Steals from friends
Junkie Fuckwad
Starts to choke

Junkie Fuckwad never bathes
Junkie Fuckwad misbehaves
Junkie Fuckwad

Two tabs on his tongue
Fours needles in each arm
There is no hole that isn't full
of pills and dust and cum
A shadow of his former self
Although he never really was
A fucked up mother fucker
Who does it just because
Track Name: Killer Ants
Ten thousand little ants
Start to take off my pants
Butthole and dick
Infested real quick

Intestinal ant colony
Infected orifices cause agony
Tied to the ground
In ants you will drown
Track Name: Mothership Molestation
Wake up flashing lights
Scary figures in the night
Sexual predators from beyond the stars
Take me to the mothership and fuck me hard

Alien tools hurts so good
Abducted and raped in space
Cocks with teeth and tentacles
Get me the fuck out of this place
Track Name: MSGesus
consuming fattening food for sick and greasy pleasure
msg is my god i'll worship it forever
gurgling putrid lard heart begins to beat faster
i masturbate the day away and pray to the fat god master

msgesus is our lord he makes us plump and fat
we pray to him every night while we jerk and smack
msgesus provides to us all the fat we'll need
so we can bathe in peace and quiet in all the grease and greed
Track Name: Ode to Sasha Grey
long dark hair and a nice little butt,
makes for a great fucking makes for a great slut,
her porno movies never let me down,
if I had a chance with her I'd go to town,
Track Name: Olde English Enema
pounds and pounds of fecal matter trapped inside,
need a way to let the fecal matter slide,
put olde english in my rectum gets me high,
let the fecal matter flow unleash the tides,

olde english enema (x2)

so much shit olde english (x2)
Track Name: Portal Potty
deminsional experiment,
scientists obsessed with shit,
construction of a fecal rift,
to visit lands of excrement,

portal potty (4x)
Track Name: Rape Ghost
Rape Ghost seeking mortals to suck his dick
Through the haunted halls candles burn down to the wick
Creepy crawlers and cobwebs in the corners and cracks
A frightening ghast who wants to fuck ass

An invisible force thrusts through your cheeks
Along with the dank 1000 year reek

Satisfaction is never achieved by this vicious wraith
Your butthole pussy any hole this phantom will surely rape
Obsession and desire followed him through death
Raping you until your last breath
Track Name: Secondgrader Semenswapping Skinquilt Suckfest
play the game until they die,
make a quilt out of their hides,
secondgrader semenswapping skinquilt suckfest,

hey kids we're gonna play a game,
don't be shy don't be lame,

first we'll tie up the teacher and shoot him in the head,
that meanie is no fun and he's better off dead,

next hold hands and circle up don't you scream or shout,
suck my dick until I cum into your fucking mouth,

swap the semen mouth to mouth now the game begins,
don't throw up or you'll be out and I'll cut off all your skin,

play the game until they die,
make a quilt out of their hides,
secondgrader semenswapping skinquilt suckfest,
Track Name: Shit Abyss
flushed through realms of piss and shit,
falling through a putrid pit,
gateways overflow excrement,
the pungent stench will not relent,

deminsions drenched in diarria,
perceptions overwhealmed with rotten ideas,
festering landscape of filth and waste,
fermenting pools of frothing paste,

flachulent phantoms haunt my mind,
terrors of the shit abyss,
nightmare worlds of space and time,
where only piss and shit exist,
Track Name: The Sply
I need to derange my senses to sedate my mind
Fuck up my perception of this space and time

Burning bliss creeping into my brain
Don't ever wanna be sober or sane

Smokin' on a cigarette and getting pretty high
Laughing uncontrollably I don't know why
He said it was a cigarette but it was a lie
He said it was a cigarette but it was a sply

Cheapest tobacco money can buy
Now you're smoking a sply now you're living a lie
Best fuckin' weed I could find
Now you're smoking a sply now you're living a lie

Roll another sply don't mind if i die
Just like a cigarette but with weed inside
Smokin' 'em all day and I'm gettin' real high
Smokin' 'em all day 'cause I'm living the lie