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Track Name: Corndick Cockshucker
lost in a corn maze can't find the exit
taken by a twisted fuck and he has a corndick
dragged to a shack at the center of the fields
he pulls down his pants - corndick revealed

corndick cockshucker
penis peeling motherfucker
flays the flesh from my dick

cock of corn on the cob
he has torn the skin off
of my prick


dumb willing teens are my victims
butter up my dick before I stick them
kernels penetrate deep within
you're bleeding from your cock 'cause it has no skin
Track Name: Harvest Moon Hex Sex
the calender's conclusion signals seasonal alignment
ritual demands that we complete our dark assignment
select a virgin daughter fit to satisfy our spell
transaction with the field beast of the harvest hells

prepare her presentation to the agent of our masters
direct the sexual sacrifice with black magic casters
bind her to the throne deep in the forbidden fields
a pact with gods of corn to ensure plentiful yields
Track Name: Crop Circle Jerk
perched on my porch alone at night
drinking hard liquor and smoking on a sply
suddenly something gleams far out of sight
flashing in the fields a ghastly piercing light

flashlight in hand I stumble down from my porch
shambling towards the flashing light intent to find the source
pacing through the crops and into the unknown
the light is getting brighter and I must be getting close

crop circle jerk

arrive at the beacon and it's worse than I was fearing
ten tall aliens jerking off at the center of the clearing
groaning in a cryptic tongue and cumming on the crops
jizzing in florescent shades and grasping slimy cocks

I behold in disgust their vile celebration
speechlessly witnessing unearthly masturbation
just as I attempt to leave on stares me in the eyes
he signals his companions and I run for me life
Track Name: Semen Seed Splice
atomic bombardment batters the land
killing off what's left of nature and man
blistered earth lifeless forsaken and scorned
all that survives are the fields of corn

invasive crop spreads across the landscape
fields expand and begin to reshape
global habitats evolve and reform
planet populated purely by corn

left in the world but one human being
deep underground with his tools and machines
irreversible operations on his dick
genetic experiments makes his cum thick

semen seed sliced with the cornfield DNA
genes designed to fertilize human decay
he penetrates the soil, ejaculates inside it
skeletons awaken: humanoid corn hybrid
Track Name: Everclear Shitsmear
getting drunk on the stuff that fucks you up
taking shots drinking fun 'till I throw up
homemade hooch hits the spot
drink 'till I get a blood clot

clear elixir problem fixer
drink up the moonshine
motherfucker get mine
an 80-proof high while smoking on a sply
too drunk to care to high to try
drink hard liquor 'till the day I die
wild booze made from wild rye

everclear shitsmear
Track Name: Tractorgasm
sinister concoction of cum and gasoline
fuels the fornication as I'm fucking my machine
semen drenched steel crumbles and corrodes
penetrate the engine and spill my sour load

return to my old tractor and wipe off last season's crust
insert my calloused cockmeat and grind into the rust
feel metal cutting to the bone with every thrust
sating my obsession for tractorgasmic lust
Track Name: Scarecrow Sexdoll
awake late at night sneaking off to the fields
through thickets and corncrop a scarecrow revealed
cumstained clothes stuffed tight with hey
is for horny cornfolk an arousing display

scarecrow sexdoll
fucking a dry hole
frisky field fun
coarse crop cunt

unlubricated sex with a scarecrow bitch
pounding penetration makes my cockskin itch
fervently thrusting a scarecrow slut
the friction builds and I bust a nut
Track Name: Corndick Cockshucker II: Corndick Returns...
awaken in the corndick cockshucker's shack
at the center of the maze of corn
red raw erection spraying blood
from the veins where skin was torn
the doorway fills with his haunting silhouette
as I'm scrabbling in the corn to escape
corncock poised ready to strike
and exact his ritual rape

if their hiding in the maze he'll detect them
slide his cock in their rectums
collect their cockskins for his treature
his cold corndick feels no pleasure